Gamma Draconis

Class-K Star 20 Solaria
Name Type Notes Population
Solaria Prime Semi-molten world 1,800
Flame of Sophia Terran world seat of government 640,000,000
Solaria Omega Hydrogen gaseous planet 0

System Description

Gamma Draconis was without native fuels like coal and oil, so post-Scream it reverted to a medieval society. It was conquered 20 years ago by the expanding Draconis Empire, and has chafed under harsh colonial rule ever since. It has rebelled more than a dozen times since being conquered, and each Alpha Draconis putdown has been more brutal than the last. Since the defeat of the last of the Griffins at the hands of Admiral Guinevere, it has been more or less quiet, until the uprisings occurring during the pre-war Gate-Draconis conflicts.

Gamma Draconis is one of the most underdeveloped star systems in public view. The overwhelming majority—85-90%—live in rural areas. Of these, most are connected in some way to the greater Draconis government, but there are some serious boonies out there, and natives that live in medieval agrarian societies or nomadic societies that have had little contact with their own (nominal) government, much less the greater interstellar society.

Strong Draconis Administration

These areas include the major cities and surrounding suburban and rural areas, accounting for 70% of the land mass and 85% of the population.

The wealthy usually exist either in the large, urbanized, industrialized cities in stately houses, sometimes in gated communities. They often own country estates as well. The small, but growing, middle class lives in houses or apartments, while the poor usually live in public housing or small, cramped apartments.

Beta-D’s influence heavily pervades not only in the urban areas but also in the suburban and rural areas surrounding it. When the Gamma-D started the process of industrialization preceding their surrender and conquest by the Draconis Empire, hundreds of thousand of agrarian farmers flocked to the growing urban areas and rapidly acquired miserable factory jobs. The young people, if they’re poor, work hard every day—and they usually don’t exist in miserable, endless poverty, but they work 50-60+ hours a week. If they’re middle-class or wealthy, they consume as much Beta-D media as they can and party every night. Exceptions exist, but this is the rule of thumb. The various rebellions have been primarily instigated and run by those over 30 years old.

Cities mostly have the fundamental contemporary amenities; plumbing, electricity, hot water, climate controlled housing, etc. Only a relatively small portion of the population, maybe 20-30%, have private internet access, while maybe a total of 70% have public internet access (computers in their households as opposed to library computers, for example). There’s little in the way of T4 systems except for the wealthy.

The younger folk don’t care for it, but the old Gamma Draconis culture is a distinct entity, and leans heavily on symbols such as iron, silver, amethyst, the griffin, the Catholic cross and Catholicism in general, Buddhism, folk songs and unique, complex dances—which are extremely important in a number of social situations, from fun with friends to courting to societal rituals like coming-of-age, marriages, funerals, baby showers, and more. Also, eyeliner is commonly used by all genders on Gamma-D. The culture is slowly being subsumed by the growing influence of Beta Draconis.

Crime is much like any place else. There’s a pretty decent organized crime scene present because the Draconis administration on Gamma-D suffers from corruption. However, especially after a rebellion, the Draconis enforcers are as likely to shoot someone in the streets than arrest them and bring them to trial. The crime syndicates mostly sell drugs to the younger generation, who uses them for party purposes.

Weak Draconis Administration

Way far out of the way, across perhaps 30% of the planet, a medieval agrarian society dominates. Lords in stone towers and castles govern their land and do not heed the law of this distant stellar society that claims the land. They have their own storied struggles between themselves and the horse archers from the steppe, which are the dominant nomadic group. Battles are resolved with crude steel greatswords and battleaxes and plate armour and crossbows and composite bows.

In fact, one of the larger cities, Redfort, sometimes has issues with horse archers that raid the outlying suburbs, although this problem has been reduced greatly in the last 5 years with rapid Draconis responses.

Gamma Draconis

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