Class-G Star Chimera Aleph
Name Type Notes Population
Semi-molten planet 0
Asteroid belt 0
Haven Arid world seat of government 2,400,000,000
Barren planet ammonia ice 0
Asteroid belt 0
Methane gaseous planet 0
Hydrogen gaseous planet 0

System Description

This system would be among the innumerable primitive worlds if not for the extremely rich and profitable deposits of native uranium, as fission reactors are quite common in modern stellar vehicles. Previously, the locals were mostly exploited by the numerous corporate interests that sank their claws into the planet. However, during the AA-AD war, Blame underwent massive changes, including ousting their corporate taskmasters with the help of Gate, forming their own fledgling astromilitary, and (on paper) consolidating under the nation of Haddarock.

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Description of factions currently existing in Blame:
(updated 9-28-3200 game time, 11-10-2016 IRL)

  • H – Haddarock: The primary national force in the system. Under President Inna Essette, Haddarock annexed the rest of Haven, the only populated world in the system. However, that administration has been marked with constant resistance from the other factions, despite joint Haddarock-Gate efforts to control them.
  • H1 & H2 – Haddarock Astromilitary: Currently stationed in two major ports in the asteroid belts, poised to defend the system from various Alpha Draconis attacks.
  • GT1 & GT2 – Gate Astromilitary: Currently two fleets, one in orbit around Haven and the other around Chimera Epsilon. Hans Austerlitz is commanding the former. These fleets are smaller than Blame’s and are intended to be a supplementary and advisory force.
  • RR – Red Fang Rebellion: An ad hoc alliance of numerous city-states and annexed nations that existed prior to Haddarock’s domination.
  • HA – Heaven’s Army: A Protestant religious minority that is resisting Haddarock rule in the name of God. Currently in bad relations with the Red Fang Rebellion, New Brazil Nationals, and the Catholic Papacy.
  • NB – New Brazil Nationals: From the ruins of New Brazil, the second-greatest state on Haven until Haddarock’s domination. The ethnic Portuguese population fiercely resists their LOJBAN-speaking foe.
  • FP – Frontier Panstellar: Although most of their system assets have been seized, they retain the HQ built on top of a mesa, due to its defensible position and aerial superiority. Currently funding the New Brazil Nationals and the Catholic Papacy.
  • PG – Pagan Rebel Gangs: Various groups of religious covens from the substantial Liberated Paganism minority. Opposed to Haddarock on the grounds of fascism, despite the fact that they were offered voting rights, they are well-known for their terrorist bombing tactics. Currently in conflict with the Catholic Papacy.
  • C – Portuguese Catholic Papacy: Heart of Catholic apostates. Here, the Portuguese Pope resides. The Papacy fighting force—as well as average member—has taken the opportunity presented by the disarray of the social system to beat up and harass as many non-Portuguese as they can.
  • GI – Global Inc: Land-based HQ of the infamous company. They’ve moved their central system HQ to the outer asteroid belt, however, to prevent further annexation of critical resources and data.
  • MC – Magnus Clan: Has set up headquarters on the port that is the center of the Mine Affiliation Movement. Has many offices on Haven as well.
  • M – Mine: Several prominent mines exist throughout the system. Nominally, all of these belong to Haddarock. In reality, many of them have growing support for the MIne Affiliation Movement, an independent group of spacers, many of them from out-of-system, and were shipped in to mine uranium by Global Inc (who no longer possesses a strong presence). However, Global, Inc has complete control over the mine in which its established its true HQ in the outer asteroid belt.
  • A-A – Alpha-D, Drop-General Lord Anagog: Fleets of Alpha Draconis. Initially sent to rout Blame pirates that were harassing Alpha Draconis, he arrived to find a fledgling astromilitary. Currently trying to overcome bitter emnity with McKinsey for a coordinated strike.
  • A-M – Alpha-D Admiral Senator McKinsey: Fleets of Alpha Draconis. Sent to disrupt Blame unification and astromilitary efforts, but has failed. Currently trying to overcome bitter emnity with Anagog for a coordinated strike.

Blame is the current residence of Ginny Boroxi.


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