Alpha Draconis

Class-O Star Geminus Retori
Name Types Notes Population
Asteroid Halo 31,000
New Rome Arid planet volcanically active 43,000,000
Red Ruby Terran planet seat of government 2,500,000,000
Hydrogen gas planet 94,000
Staro Gaza Methane gas planet many palatable moons 8,100,000
Hydrogen gas planet 12,000

System Description

Alpha Draconis is the heart of the Draconis Empire. It is a highly militant nationalist stellar system. Every natural citizen of Alpha Draconis serves 4 years in the military, and hardly anything goes on in the entire system without it being recorded and catalogued.
The Alpha-D government is run by a Senate, but the senate, although wealthy, is relatively ineffectual and hasn’t been in control of the powerful administrative generals and admirals since the foundation of the modern Draconis state. The drop-generals and admirals elect one of their member to be the Alpha-General from the point of their election until the time of their death, and have done so for the past century. The Alpha-General is respected, but has no additional administrative powers bestowed upon them until times of true war. Alpha-General Pierre has held this position for roughly 60 years. Only three other Alpha-Generals existed before him.

Alpha-D subsumed Beta Draconis under poorly recorded circumstances during the foundation of the modern Draconis state about a century ago, and conquered Gamma Draconis due primarily to its proximity about 20 years ago.

In Alpha-D, a lot of the cities are creepily straddling the line between “strong government” and “Orwellian police state,” but out in the country it’s pretty serene. There aren’t a lot of people who’re poor, on the absolute scale, on Alpha-D; strong anti-poverty civil programs see to it that everyone has a place to sleep and a meal to eat, although they’re not kind at all to people with disabilities that prevent them from working/contributing. On a tangential note: There’s an extremely strong work ethic in Alpha-D and if something happens to someone that prevents them from holding a job, it’s a major psychological factor. The state and culture each view mental issues the same way they view physical issues (social anxiety vs a broken leg, for example) and if you need help there’s usually state-paid therapy and doctors available, and all sort of volunteer programs for those who can’t do things at a regular job-tier. There’s no de jure basic income1 on Alpha Draconis, but the social network brings them closer to having one than pretty much any other place in the Draconis Sector.

1 A note on basic income in the Draconis Sector: Gate would have BI if it had reason too, but pretty much its entire population is competent and erudite and there’s always work to be done. The ration card system on Constantine might superficially resemble BI, but in practice his has been subject to brutal drops in efficiency from a corrupt bureaucracy.

Alpha Draconis

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