Draconis Empire

The Draconis Empire is the dominating political entity of the Draconis Sector. Its center of government is on Alpha Draconis, although Beta Draconis and Gamma Draconis are its colonies. It has military bases on a great number of worlds, including presence in many minor systems. The nation has a strong dichotomy between government and military, which have come into conflict multiple times.


The government is ostensibly in the hands of the Senate, a group of elected officials and inherited nobles who handle the manufacture of laws and execution thereof. Only natural citizens of Alpha Draconis can become senators. The Senate is typically fairly liberal and interested in the rights of the general people, although the presence of old nobility has caused some tension and factionalization.


The military of the Draconis Empire is complex and unique. Rather than having an overarching structure, instead, various armadas are operated independently by powerful Drop-Generals and Admirals. These military commanders often war independently against other nations or even amongst themselves. Although Alpha-General Pierre is technically the commanding officer, his position is largely ceremonial until times of true conflict.

Unless a person is born in the Alpha Draconis system, they cannot be an officer in the army, according to the military law. These natural born citizen rules have been waived by local armies (individual Admiral and Drop-Generals) occasionally in the case of exceptional Beta-D members of the military, but the overall policy is against it.

Neither Beta-D nor Gamma-D have general conscription; Alpha Draconis is the only system with mandatory military service.

New Admirals and Drop-Generals are not appointed, nor is there a definite number of them. Mostly, when a new Admiral or Drop-General forms, it’s a subordinate commander in the ranks of a pre-existing commander that’s waning, and they’re charismatic and ambitious enough to run off with a good chunk of the fleet. These actions are usually supported by the high command culture, since it means their competition is weaker and divided. It also breeds grudges and malcontent between them. When an old Admiral or Drop-General dies, then usually their fleet is absorbed by whichever local army gets there fastest. The number of high commanders in the Alpha-D military has ranged from 5 at the lowest to 22 at the highest over the years, but is typically around 10-12. Basically the only reason it works is because they’ve had the same Alpha-General for the past 70 years who keeps the violent, sociopathic command structure in check when things start inching towards civil war.

Commanding Officers

Draconis Empire

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