The Sword and the Star

Murder Island: Conclusion

In the final days at Murder Island, the party succeeded in destroying Mother, creating a coalition between the HBO and FPS forces, and leading an assault on the Nautilus Facility. The entire party was almost slain when, facing down NAUTILUS chitin forces, Bluejay made an unexpected arrival. The party seized a narrow victory and slew Bluejay. From there, they entered the NAUTILUS facility and accepted the entity’s offer. With the egg in arms, they fled the facility and as soon as possible made their way to the lighter to escape the planet rather than expose themselves to the interstellar corporations any further.

After gathering their wounded and a brief rendezvous to pick up Blackbird, the party made the trip back up to orbit. There, after an astonished Jason and curious Acronnydia helped the wounded members to the medbay, Jason told the captain that they’ve just received a distress signal from a ship a short jump away. In addition, the other day, the ship received a formal invitation to the annual Exploration Society’s meeting on its headquarters in Astral Alacrity, with a special addendum about despite the war, they will still be holding a meeting this year.



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