The Sword and the Star

Welcome, players! I’ll be using Obsidian Portal for a bunch of game information now, since it’s easy to use and is tailored for role playing games. I’ve looked around the features a lot and it’ll help me keep track of not only all the world information, but the ongoing plot; this campaign has been going for some time and there’s a lot to keep track of now. I’ve done pretty well in terms of consolidating and making things easier for me as a GM and you as players, and this is the next step in the process. Hopefully, everyone will be able to keep track of various plot points, character interests, important items, and more using this website and the wiki capabilities it provides.

Try to help me out in the wiki by PMing me about redlinks or article stubs. Feel free to ask questions about various articles.

At this point in time, most of the places and features are in the wiki. Characters are only partially completed.

Some notes on the tabs to the left…

1. This is the Front Page. I’ll keep it updated with anything major or relevant.

2. Forum and Calendar are paid features, and I’m not interested using them. Not sure if they show up on your screen, even, since you’re not GM.

3. Adventure Log will just be used for a brief synopsis of what happened during the session, so people can keep track. Right now it’s updated with a brief “Story so far…” but in the future will include descriptions of each session so you can easily refresh your memory about recent events.

4. Media Library will not be important for you; all the important things will be integrated into the wiki.

5. The Wiki will probably be the most important feature on this site. It’ll contain all the world and plot information and have either art directly present or linked art.

6. Characters and Items will not be listed under their respective tabs, but instead will be wiki entries. This is because those categories are a bit fiddly at best, and I don’t feel the need to include game stats into this wiki (which would be the reason to use that tool).

7. Don’t know if Maps will be used at this time.

The Sword and the Star

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