This system is known—albeit uncommonly—in the Draconis Sector for its powerful technologies, of which hardlight is a member.

System Description

This star system is a technological marvel; however, despite their extremely advanced computer systems and materials sciences, they have little in the way of astronautical technology and can only produce the most basic of spike drives at phenomenal costs. The only planet with a permanent population has a society based on its technology and adaptive infrastructure.

In the city biome (about 15% of the planetary surface, land and water), the population is broken into small neighborhood-based pods, who generally lead infrastructure, manufacturing, and production in the locality through accessing and providing services to the automated factories or commission supplies from the mercurial corporations in exchange for labor or goods. The automated factories are run by AI, who are usually unaligned with human factions but have a complex, competitive social structure amongst themselves; the AIs use humans as their realspace agents for missions to support or attack other AIs in incomprehensible strategies.

In the rural biomes, the population density is low enough that there is not as much competition for resources, and the inhabitants form super-clans of millions across thousands of kilometers. These megaclans are the primary political entities on the planet, and they have any number of different organization structures, from true anarchocommunism to oligarchy. It is very easy to move between these polities; usually you just have to bribe the AIs. If one of these polities becomes too powerful and threatens the planet with usurpation under a single government, the AIs usually band together into a single political entity to deprive it of resources.

Wall is notable for its fluid cultures, civil interactions between humans and advanced AIs, and its decentralized political structures. Because of the adaptive infrastructure, a physical location means very little.

Current Events

Recently, Wall has been undergoing a great deal of change. First, 00 Diamond Dust, an autocratic AI, pushed an agenda of unification and space industry and began conquering the disparate and disunited factions of Wall. However, as resistance began to unify, the next generation of AIs, still being raised and trained, were infected by an extra-stellar ideology virus written by no human hand, and the young generation largely became unviable and had to be deleted. Back-up copies were also infected. 00 Diamond Dust now seeks Laylee’s help to find a quantum brain storage for her and Keresley-645 so that they will be spared from the spreading virus and the Apotheosis Project will continue.


The Sword and the Star Arcosion