Military Doctrines in the Draconis Sector

Each nation has developed its own unique fighting style that it excels at.

Draconis Empire

Draconis ships are usually ring-shaped.

The Empire relies on industrial superiority, ship modularity, and adaptive forces. Each of the ships—except for fighters—have more than one module, which can be replaced either at a shipyard or using a different sized ship as a scaffold. Similar sizes can even be recombined (at shipyards) to form larger or smaller temporary ships, although these are typically only used in emergencies. The adaptive natures of their stellar ships allow forces to recombine and redeploy easily, with the slightest of reinforcements simply being adapted to the needs of the situation, which is a necessary given the many outposts and bases of Draconis and the myriad foes it finds itself against. This doctrine also lessens the stresses of overreach, which happens commonly.

A ship naming-rights conflict once occurred between two recombined flagships of different admirals once, as the battle was hectic enough that neither one was certain which ship was originally theirs.


Gate’s ships often take the appearance of needles or spheres.

Gate, with its relatively low personnel, relies on cross-trained experts on every ship. Rather than face the heavy industrial cost of capital ships, or the heavy manpower cost of fighters, Gate prefers to field powerful mid-size ships. Superior pilots, gunners, and gunnery are often the source of Gate victories. Gate also favors surgical strikes over attrition warfare, and their shock troopers are second to none. Boarding forces in specialized vessels often commandeer enemy ships, although this tactic is less successful against Draconis’ expert space marines. The ships are all massively overengineered. Their hulls are incredibly tough and can sometimes resist even the most penetrating gunnery. Each sector aboard a Gate battleship possesses full amenities for weeks of survival, and the expert engineers within can EVA even from a ‘dead’ ship and begin repairs across the hull.

Many stories exist of a Gate battleship, after being defeated in battle, sitting dead with hardly any readings from it for hours at a time, only to power back to life and reengage an unprepared enemy.

Astral Alacrity

Astral Alacrity’s ships are commonly pyramidal (4 faces, equilateral triangles) or aerodyne.

Astral Alacrity, perpetually experiencing narrow defeats or Pyrrhic victories against their primary combatant—Constantine—have adopted a doctrine of indirect warfare. Computer attacks are extremely common and they have developed specialized techniques that allow breaking into enemy administrative systems with active scanners, as well has hit-and-run tactics and other asymetric techniques. Astral Alacrity has also developed specialized long-range gunnery that allows engagement at distances often greater than the enemy can engage in. Drones are also common tools of the Astral Alacrity arsenal. Even when the forces get pinned down, they prove formidable opponents and have many times turned battles around at the last second with informatics attacks.

It’s rumoured that during the Battle of Gatria with Draconis many years ago, the defection of Drop-General Fisselheith to rogue status was because his flagship was being remotely controlled by Astral Alacrity forces, and after he regained control he went rogue for the sake of his honour.


Constantine’s ships are often cubes, to maximize ease of manufacture.

With a population they can tap arbitrarily large numbers of at little to no cost, Constantine employs a doctrine of overwhelming the enemy with great numbers of smaller ships. This has proven very effective against Astral Alacrity—the sheer numbers and decentralized swarm attacks make informatics less useful—until recent technological developments with stellar drones. As they often do not participate in interstellar politics, and their military is excessively secretive, little else is known about them.

During a brief skirmish with Gate once, Constantine’s tactics proved almost useless against powerful Gate defenses.


Blame’s ships are almost always aerodyne.

Blame has only a fledgling astromilitary, and have taken elements of Astral Alacrity’s tactics on asymmetric warfare and Constantine’s heavy use of smaller ships and decentralized command.

Blame’s military most often comes in conflict with Astral Alacrity corporate forces.

Military Doctrines in the Draconis Sector

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