Lux Eterna

Class G Star Beta Bizanti
Name Type Notes Population
Asteroid Halo 0
Barren world silicate 2,700
The Endless Torus Terran world seats of government 4,200,000,000
Harren’s World Terran world seats of government 5,900,000,000
Hydrogen gaseous planet 0

System Description

This system has two primary inhabitable planets, and both planets have dozens of warring states on them. Some federations exist, but they are fragile and fracture easily as the next war begins. The most recent of these federations was the Pentalateral Alliance, consisting of the Presidential Dominion of Guerm, the Austrian Communist Federative Republic, the Southland Theocratic Confederation, the Autocratic Commonwealth of Liberal Catholicism, and the Allied Soviet Democratic Socialist Duchies. However, it has since disintegrated due to internal conflicts. The Pentalateral Alliance and its constituent members are all on Harren’s World.

Lux Eterna, despite having a massive population, does not have significant space industry. This is because of internal conflict, lack of perceived benefits, potential for getting mired in deadly interstellar conflicts, philosophy of isolationism, and coming onto the interstellar scene a bit late.

The players visited the city of Nova Xhang during their adventure.

Lux Eterna

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