Folk Heroes and Local Legends of the Draconis Sector

Over 500 years in the dark ages has resulted in the development of a number of distinct cultures in across the star systems. Various historical events and happenstances have also led to the development of folk heroes and various local legends, amongst other tales that have been passed down and around by word-of-mouth. Some are from the dark days just after the Scream, others are even alive and growing today. Regardless, they have become a part of the culture of the Draconis Sector. Listed below are some of the more relevant or popular folk heroes and legends.

Note: This may be updated with additional legends at later times.

Note: Each entry receives its own page because some of the entries are historical figures and events. This is to reduced decentralizing information about a single figure or topic.

Alpha Draconis

Beta Draconis

Gamma Draconis

Astral Alacrity


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Lux Eterna

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Folk Heroes and Local Legends of the Draconis Sector

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