Class-K Star Constantine
Name Type Notes Population
Flare Semi-molten planet 113,000
Daybreak Semi-molten planet 9,100,000
Calamity Terran world seat of government 1,900,000,000
Crescent Sun Oceanic world wracked by severe storms 1,700,000,000
Cinder Barren world ferrous 51,000,000
Loyalty Barren world silicates 176,000,000
Autumn Barren world ammonia ice 48,000,000

System Description

Constantine is a strictly controlled, heavy-government system in permanent conflict with Astral Alacrity. However, little is known about it, due to the obsessive secrecy of the Constantine government, the lack of spike route directly to other systems, and the metadimensional minefield between it and Astral Alacrity. Recently, Constantine has been associating with Alpha Draconis, although no formalized alliance is known. This is a change from traditional Constantine views of the Draconis Empire being corrupted by corporations.

Constantine also has a robust secret police, IntSec (Internal Security). Much like the KGB, they permeate pretty much every level of the government and civilian life, and often turn out traitors and treasonists for execution. Is the person you’re speaking to right this instant IntSec? Statistically speaking, almost certainly not. But the slim possibility always exists, and that’s what makes people afraid.

However, Constantine has not one, but three robust psychic academies, which is connected to the greater network across the Draconis Sector. IntSec has a much more difficult time infiltrating these academies due to the fact that the psions form a close-knit community, not just in Constantine but across the greater Draconis Sector. After a psion completes their training, they automatically become a part of GCAP. This organization, usually pronounced Gee-Cap, wields significant political clout in the system and is a powerful advocate for the psykers.


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