Business and Financial Information


Symbol Denomination Index
Draconis Mark DM
$ Astra Alacrity Dollar AAD
+ Gate Mark GM
¥ Constantine Yen CY
§ Blame Ruble
Various Lux Eterna currencies
GID Global Inc. Drachma GID


Frontier Panstellar (Index: FPS)

FPS is an international corporations based in Whitespire City, Alpha Draconis. This company ships breeding livestock and viable crops between worlds, supplying many worlds that have issues with adequate foodstuffs for expanding populations, as well as providing a basis for the contemporary fledgling colonial attempts on a wide variety of planets. The company gengineers plants and animals to fit each world’s unique needs, and probably represents the most sophisticated genetic science nexus in the known universe. They also own a genetics-focused university on Alpha-D, where tuition is free upon entering a contract to work for FPS. They also have a rather dirty reputation of testing their latest products on second-rate stellar systems, where they don’t have to face the legal repercussions if things go awry.

Magnus Clan (Index: Non official; unofficially MC)

The Magnus Clan is not at all a cohesive organization, but instead the skeleton that holds together a shadowy network of producers and consumers on the black market. They deal in bootlegging, smuggling, gambling, prostitution, illegal drugs, racketeering, and a great deal more. The Clan is run by a dynastic family—the Magnus—who purportedly started the trade after having been some rogue space-faring raiders, back in the pre-Draconis days about a century ago. Also, they have become vital to second-rate stellar systems by trading tech and weapons to the governments, allowing them to resist Alpha-D imperialism. Although they are not “based” anywhere, they have significant presence (including physical offices) in S.E.Z.s in Blame.

Spiker Union (Index: SPU)

SPU is an international corporation based in the Demilitarized Zone Stations between Astral Alacrity and Constantine, although they have many factories in Astral Alacrity and Constantine themselves. They are the largest non-national producer of projectile weaponry, with popular lines like the NDU and Survival+ proliferating throughout the entire Draconis Sector. In addition, they are one of the few businesses that produce stellar ships for personal sale.

Guo Yin Syndicate (Index: GYS)

In the interstellar world, governments are light-years apart and carry wildly different laws. GYS is a group based in Astral Alacrity that was formerly government sponsored, but merged with a law firm and became independent some decades ago. It is hired by national third parties to impartially mediate disputes between nations in a manner satisfactory to all involved parties. They’ve received some criticism by those accusing them of favoring AA politics and ideologies, pointing to the ties between GYS and Astral Alacrity.

Highbeam Outfit (Index: HBO)

HBO was founded to provide second-rate nations access to a high-tech military force—at a price. However, because most of the enemies of these nations were other second-rate nations, HBO has historically been grossly ineffective against actual national militaries, as they lean on advanced technology as a crutch and lack the discipline, organization, and logistical superiority normally found in militaries. However, a number of first-rate nations contract HBO to hold high-risk prisoners, as they control several orbital supermax prisons. HBO is based in Beta Draconis.

Overwatch Partnership (Index: OWP)

OWP, based in Astral Alacrity, is one of the two interstellar corporations that produce astronautical technology for sale to civilians. They also produce electronics, software, and other technological products. As a business, they’ve taken a robust political position in speaking out against Alpha-D militarism, and are closely associated with the ongoing governmental efforts to modernize Gamma Draconis. OWP has had a very rocky relationship with Gate as well, due to several violated or failed contracts several years prior.

Wayfarer Cooperative (Index: WFC)

The Wayfarer Cooperative, aside from the well-known Wayfarer+ line of projectile weaponry, are heavily involved in fuel refining (hydrocarbons, fissionable materials, and deuterium/tritium for fusion) and high-tech, long-lasting batteries. They have very strict quality standards, resulting in higher prices. They are also associated with Global, Inc. and their mining operations. They have the most advanced energy source technology outside of some possible, classified governmental research projects.

Quasinational Entities

Global Inc. (Index: GLI)

GLI was an interstellar mining corporation based on Astral Alacrity that annexed several large asteroids in the Blame system upon the discovery of rich uranium deposits. Since then, they’ve become a powerful political and economic force unrestricted by national regulations and have become best known for the inhumanitarian exploitation of Blame locals in the process of strip mining. In addition to the mining of unrefined uranium, which is usually sold to WFC, they also are involved in many stellar systems mining numbers of other metals. They have no presence on Constantine due to the fact that the governmental has a tendency to nationalize any assets set up by interstellar corporations.

Omnitech Enterprises (Index: OTE)

OTE is a pharmaceutical corporation that originated in Astral Alacrity, but has moved its headquarters to Alpha Draconis. They produce most of the medical goods sold on the interstellar market and have several contracts providing materials to the Alpha-D military. They’re often viewed as traitors and sellouts by Astral Alacrity natives. Although it’s not official, it’s assumed by most people and governments that they produce biological and chemical WMDs and sell them to Alpha-D.

Business and Financial Information

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