Beta Draconis

Class-M Star Carina 15-B
Name Type Notes Population
Carina Prime Semi-molten world not habitable 0
Asteroid Belt 500
Glory Oceanic seat of government 1,200,000,000
Fame Ice age world 760,000,000
Far Far Away Barren, ferrous planet fertile prior to Scream 4,200

System Description

Beta Draconis is a colonial territory of the Draconis Empire notable for its preserved pre-Scream architecture (although the technology and furnishings within have long since vanished). Serene landscapes like golden beaches and white-capped mountains are hallmarks of this system, and the extremely wealthy live in perfect, white alabaster towers while the working class lives a life of abject poverty in the slums.

Beta-D produces more media intended for the interstellar audience than the rest of the Draconis Sector combined. The media is often absurd, hedonistic, and sometimes even requires the death of some or all of its participants, but in truth, productions span across all genres. The pop culture of Beta Draconis has become the de facto pop culture of the rest of the region.

As a protectorate with a unique status in the Draconis Empire, Beta-D enjoys all of the benefits of living in a “first world” nation and none of the hazards of the violent, militaristic tendencies of its caretakers. Alpha Draconis has historically taken care of their charge and defended it eagerly when necessary.

In the poor areas, there’s pretty high crimes rates and the police aren’t quick to respond, as they’re very corrupt and can usually be paid off1—in contract to Alpha Draconis, where corruption is almost entirely absent due to strong cultural influences amongst local police forces, and when present, is met with decisive action. The poor areas are also very unhealthy, since fast food corporations riddle the planet and make wholesome eating economically unviable for the majority of the population. In the wealthy areas, there’s enough government-sanctioned violence that the crime rates tend to be pretty low—besides, no one cares too much about what happens behind closed doors when there’s parties going on.

Glory, the oceanic seat of capital, possesses 61% of the population. Of the 1.2 billion present, 900,000 are at or below the poverty level. The wealthy tend to occupy prime real estate in cities, as well as exclusive island properties. The cities are typically strongly segregated by income level. Due to the relatively little amount of landmass available, there are few “rural” areas—80% of the world’s population lives in an urban area. However, in the less populated zones, most citizens live by farming or fishing, and for the most part do not take part in Beta-D’s distinct culture, nor the economy. Although some of them do quite well, they technically have little to no liquid income and trade in local markets for other goods. The large amounts of food necessary for supplying the cities are harvested by corporations or governmental entities, and the rural areas mostly rely on each other for supply.2

Fame is the second most populous planet in the system, a cold world farther away from the sun than Glory. Unlike Glory, only 28% of this planet’s population lives in urban areas. The majority of the populace lives in equatorial river valleys and lowlands, in a primarily agrarian lifestyle. The planet remained populated through the Scream, although the original population is small compared to the Glory settlers that arrived within the last century. A large number of the people live as nomads or hunter-gatherers in the steppe and taiga of the world.3

Far Far Away is a freezing, hazardous planet with ammonia slush and CO2 snow. It was once a terraformed, fertile planet pre-Scream, but the failure of the terraforming technology caused a regressive ecological runaway, like many planets experienced after the fall. Currently, only a handful of research and archeological stations exist on the world. Far Far Away shows up frequently in pre-Scream literature regarding the Draconis Sector as a planet full of marvels and wonders and a playplace of the Terran elite. Currently, it is the location of the only known fully intact teleportation gate—although the advanced technology has resisted all attempts to analyze or reverse-engineer.4

Beta Draconis also houses interesting, alien fauna, which has come into the spotlight recently due to their rapidly deteriorating habitats and endangered status.

1 Rather trickily, they will sometimes insinuate one can pay them off and then arrest them for bribing a police officer.

2 Added 10-10-26 from Skype AMA.

3 Added 10-10-26 from Skype AMA.

4 Added 10-10-26 from Skype AMA.

Beta Draconis

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