Astral Alacrity

Class-A Star Caldari
Name Types Notes Population
Asteroid Halo 0
Liesanne Semi-molten world 11,000
Luitinei Barren world silicates 13,000
Eitsolon Terran world seat of government 2,200,000,000
Asteroid belt 30,000
Ieosa Barren world ammonia ice 18,000
Ilmaeus Barren world ammonia ice 15,000

Astral Alacrity is a successful capitalist representative democracy. In the last few decades, some of the more successful interstellar corporations have gotten out of hand and jurisdiction and begun to exploit less advanced populations on other worlds, such as Blame. However, Astral Alacrity grants inherent rights to all its citizens with a level of liberalism only matched in Gate, although in practice this system can be a bit rocky.

An AI employee administrates large sections of the governmental computers. Astral Alacrity, as one of the more egalitarian societies, enjoys a proliferation of technology among the entire populace unparalleled in other nations, except for—once again—Gate. As such, the planet is moving more and more towards the automation of many services, which is causing ongoing issues with unemployment. The AI, named the Economist, previously participated in AA’s internet culture and ran frequent AMA threads. However, since Astral Alacrity has surrendered to the Draconis Empire, the Economist will be under arrest for the next 5 years, whereupon it will be released back to AA.

Astral Alacrity’s asteroid belt contains an exceptionally high amount of uncollected dust, gas, and ice particles, since no gas giants ever coalesced in the system. It’s visible by the naked eye from Eitsolon on clear nights, and is noted for its beauty.

Astral Alacrity has been at odds with Alpha Draconis in the past, but has traditionally suffered from the ongoing conflict with Constantine. Ideologically opposed, the two nations have steadily built up arms against each other, each fearful of both the potential for war and the potential of losing that war. The space between the two nations is laden with a unique and irreplicable technology— metadimensional mines, nested in phase space, and unavoidable even by ships traveling by spike drive. The mines are physically impossible to remove once placed, which has stymied all attempts at reverse engineering (not for lack of trying, especially on Alpha-D’s part). However, this technology remains exclusive to AA and Constantine astromilitaries.

AA also produces the best spike drives available on the public market.

Astral Alacrity

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