Artificial Intelligences in the Draconis Sector

Four of the known artificial intelligences in the Draconis Sector exist in an armature hull; the other two exist in a mainframe. All but one of the armature hulls have been confirmed to be of pre-Scream manufacture.


This feminine Eidelon-hull was discovered after breaking open a secured pre-Scream vault on Beta Draconis 10 years ago. The fusion core had nearly run out of fuel and she was on her last legs. However, once introduced to the Beta-D society, she rose rapidly to become a media sensation as both a singer and actress. She changes her physical appearance every month or so, but always is a woman. These variant forms are often designed in such a way that leaves her robotic nature unmistakable.


This Standard-hull unit was discovered in the same vault at Sparks. Five centuries of isolation with Sparks had broken its mind, and it tags along behind her like an obedient dog, obeying her every command. It has little personality of its own and is primarily known through its interaction with Sparks. Sparks has been tacitly quiet when questioned about what happened in the vault during the silence.


This Standard-hull unit was discovered on Gamma Draconis after Gamma-D’s surrender to the Draconis Empire. It is reclusive and maintains an existence segregated from human society in a cave of undisclosed location. The Hermit Accords, a legal document drafted after an incident where a local mayor tried to extract taxes from it, established the legal precedent in Draconis law that AIs may intentionally be a nonparticipant in society so long as it does not interfere with the society in any way.

The Economist

This is one of the two AIs not in an armature hull. It is spread over a mainframe in an undisclosed location in Astral Alacrity, where it acts as one of the core components in the AA economic system. It is technically an employee of the government. It often interacts with other humans through online means and is always verifiable due to its self-generated encryption ID code. It’s done several AMAs on various internet boards and has been fairly gregarious.


This Gnostic-hull unit has been a part of the Alpha Draconis system since before the Crisis a century ago, although it has refused to communicate anything it knows about the pre-Crisis state of Alpha-D. Its own record of origins were lost along with most other records in Crisis. Currently, it is an admiral in the Alpha Draconis Space Armada and is known for its cunning efficiency.

The Warship, Mongolia

This is the other AI not in an armature hull. It is spread across the mainframe of an unmanned pre-Scream stellar battleship. It is not a member of any nation or polity, but enters in wars as a mercenary for repair and resupply. Most often, Gate and Alpha-D try to outbid each other for the services of The Warship, Mongolia during their frequent conflicts.

The Alpha-D citizens regard The Warship, Mongolia with admiration and awe, and the admirals and drop-generals only engage with the Mongolia in battle (when it is the enemy) with the greatest of respect. The Beta-D citizens—primarily the constituency that also consumes murderball media—are infatuated with it to the point of meme status. Alpha-D views this slavish attention as gauche.

Artificial Intelligences in the Draconis Sector

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