The Sword and the Star

Current Events 11-14-16

The distress signal was responded to, and the captain yielded 2 units of liquor in exchange for fuel to exit the system. Ivan left with Kaleidoscope Factor Five, and Sonya was hired.

Wild Blue Yonder arrives on Blame. Katya mysteriously disappears after a fallout with Laylee, and Frost goes to look for her, but finds nothing. Laylee returns to the ship in orbit. Meanwhile, JD and Sonya go to Ginny’s house, where old friends are reunited. Kenn and Hassie are Ginny’s partners, and they have 3 adopted children. At the house, Ada freaks out and runs into the woods.

It’s late night. Sonya put out a blanket and a plate of food for Ada, if she decides to return. The rest of them are probably ready to retire.

In 6 week’s time, the Exploration Society from Astral Alacrity convenes. AA is 6 hexes, or 18 day’s travel if going straight out, from Blame. This leaves about 3 weeks on Blame.



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